Compostable poop Bags Set 20 Rolls
Compostable poop Bags Set 20 Rolls
Compostable poop Bags Set 20 Rolls
Compostable poop Bags Set 20 Rolls

Compostable poop Bags Set 20 Rolls

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20 rolls containing 15 bags. Total 300 bags. Rolls size 6cms X 3cms. 100% compostable poop bags. If like me you have more than one doggy, then this is the box for you.

How they work:
These bags will begin to biodegrade after 6 months. You can either take some bags out with you as needed, just rip off the roll along the perforated edge. Otherwise, use it with a dog poop bag dispenser on your dog leash. These bags will fit most standard dispensers. (Our poop bag dispensers on this site, fits two rolls, or one roll and your keys, or loose change ☺.)

Dog poop obviously, however as these bags are not made of petroleum products, they are safe to use to bags for compostable rubbish.

They are made of:
100% certified organic cotton, left natural colour.

Our compostable dog poop bags are completely biodegradable and compostable, made from corn-starch, when they break down, they will NOT become microplastics. Our bags conform to Australian standards AS4736. They have a lovely soft handle, and yet are still very strong.  Benefits: No need to use those supermarket-bought, or free council plastic ‘degradable’ bags. The ‘degradable’ plastic bags available at many of the dog parks will ‘degrade’ in a landfill. Is that good? No, absolutely not! The broken-up pieces of plastic could end up seeping into the water table and contaminating our waterways with invisible toxic microplastic. Even many ‘biodegradable’ bags still contain plastic, (the UN as of 2019 is currently looking to ban this term ‘biodegradable’ for bags containing any percentage of plastic. Right now, however, they often do have plastic in) So, unless you use ‘compostable’ bags you could well be using a bag that will cause harm to our environment.
The second benefit is that you are saving valuable energy by eliminating the necessity to manufacture hundreds of new plastic bags, using petroleum-based products, plus electrical energy and fuel.

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