Bag, Dog Poop Dispenser
Bag, Dog Poop Dispenser
Bag, Dog Poop Dispenser
Bag, Dog Poop Dispenser

Bag, Dog Poop Dispenser

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Heavy duty large size woven fabric dispenser.

How they work:
These dispensers are heavy duty fabric, so no matter what your doggy gets up to these will not crack or shatter like some moulded plastic dispensers can.  They have two strong velcro straps at the back for easy attachment onto your dog lead. There is also a durable flexi-clip so you can choose if you prefer to attach it to a chain or key ring.

The roomy dispenser can fit two standard rolls of poop bags, or one roll and your car keys for example.You can attach the dispenser to your dog lead at the handle, or further down the lead by using the strong adjustable velcro straps, leaving your hands free. You can also attach it to your belt, if you jog with your dog, by using either the durable flexi-clip, or the velcro straps.
The dispenser has a rubberised side opening to allow the bags to pull through, however it springs back into place, ensuring nothing can accidentally fall out. 

They are made of:
Durable Woven polyester

Our poop bag dispensers are made to last. They will not crack or shatter like some moulded plastic dispensers, which ultimately add to plastic in landfill. The fabric is water repellent, however should the bag become submerged, it will dry out quickly. 
Your dispenser should not need any maintenance, however if your doggy decides to have a mud bath with his lead on and the dispenser becomes very dirty, or wet, remove the Waggy bags, and wash the dispenser in warm soapy water, rinse well, and leave to dry out of direct sunlight. 

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