Crisis of Conscience! Single Use Take-Away Cups & Supporting Cafes

Crisis of Conscience!  Single Use Take-Away Cups & Supporting Cafes


How do we limit the billions of take-away cups bound for Australian landfill this year, which right now will be increased as people are not using keep cups because of the COVID-19 virus?

So I have a dilemma, I do not want to see any more single use coffee cups being used, do you? While the virus is upon us reusable mugs are not accepted in take away shops.  I mean why can't people just make a coffee at home and take it out with them?  Um, but then who will be supporting our local coffee shops, which I don't want to close? Every one of these small businesses has a story behind it, a dream, a passionate idea and let's face it, long hours, generally a business loan, staff to pay and sleepless nights.

I have to say I still haven't personally been able to purchase coffee in a single use cup as I believe sustainability means not unnecessarily using precious resources, electric, water, trees, petroleum products. Little take-away cups have had quite a journey from creation to destination. Their parts have travelled across landscapes, factories, continents, oceans and roads to your hand.  Every year billions of smiling customers in Australia walk away with a beloved take-away coffee cup which they will look at with distain within 15 minutes when it's empty and dirty, and toss it into a bin bound for landfill.  Let's face it, unless for medical supplies there is not a lot we need to make 'single use' really is there? 

Oh dear, sorry going off point, so what can we do to support our coffee shops while trying to save the planet?!  Recycle, yes it won't stop the unnecessary use of precious resources, but if you collect your coffee cups, and take them to your participating 7-Eleven they can be recycled.  Simply Cups has created recycling stations within 7-Eleven stores across Australia. We have one in Dee Why, and here is a link so you can check out your nearest 7-Eleven cup recycling station.


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