Creating Beautiful Alternatives
to single use plastics

Beeswax Sustainable Food Wraps, Organic Cotton Bags Plus Reusable Cups & Straws

Our aim is to end the use of single-use plastics by creating sustainable alternatives.
OceanBee donate 10% of profits to charity Take 3.

Face Masks 3 Layers

Exclusive to OceanBee

Liberty Print Face Masks

Liberty print face masks, one size fits all. Our facemasks have three layers, the outer is Egyptian cotton Liberty fabric, the inner filter is fine woven polyester to ensure quick dying and doesn't become soggy when worn, and a light cotton inner lining. The elastic has a gently knotted extension to allow you to adjust the fit for perfect comfort. This is probably the best fitting masks you will find. Being trained as a fashion and textile designer, and specialising in men's tailoring, you won't find a more comfortable fitting mask.


Our Story

We are an Australian owned family business. OceanBee started when Sarah, the founder decided sustainability and caring for the environment was a priority.
Her two daughters are a huge influence in this change of career and leap of faith. It is not just a business but a lifestyle and close relationship with the local community.

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Join Our Community

We love doing community events and beach clean-up along the Northern Beaches through Clean Up Australia. We also visit schools to talk about sustainable living, and making beeswax wraps. Contact us if you would like us to visit your school. Check our website, Facebook and Instagram pages, and newsletters.

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Hints, Hacks and Tips

We love that you love our Liberty print organic beeswax wraps, and we want you to be able to use them for a lifetime. We re-wax our wraps for free. We continuously aim to share our knowledge and support you to take care of them. This is a knowledge based community, focusing on making our world a better place by also providing  best practices in our daily life.

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Lifetime Guarantee

OceanBee wraps have a lifetime guarantee, when after a year or so they become light on wax, just send them in a self addresses envelope, and will will return them as good as new.

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