Hacks, Hints and Tips


To wash your wraps

The ideal way to ensure your wraps are long lasting is to rinse them under lukewarm running water. If food is stuck on you can use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. However, don’t use detergents every time you wash your wraps as it will begin to break down the beeswax.

Leave your wraps on the drainer to dry, then fold or roll and put in your draws for next time.

Don’t leave to dry in direct sunlight.


What can I put in my wraps?

Your wraps are incredibly versatile. Although I promote my wraps as alternatives to single use plastics, you will find an added benefit is your food stays fresher than if keept it plastic or paper.


Your wraps keep cheese beautifully, of course we still can buy cheese with wax over, it is an old age secret for locking in that natural freshness.


Bread will not sweat like in plastic, and not dry out like in paper. You just need to ensure you have a good size wrap, so the bread is enveloped, and no air can escape through the join. The beeswax is however breathable, but just the right amount to preserve you bread that little bit longer.


Vegetables keep fresher far longer when in a beeswax wrap. Remember mine are organic, so no pesticides will leach out onto your produce, or plastics if you previously kept them in cling wrap.

I wrap the roots of larger items to keep them moist.

I make a cracker shape with my wrap for items such as green beans, spring onions, cucumbers or snow peas.



Simple hack to keep food fresher:


Fridge salad crisper draw:

I also learned a tip from one of my customers, which is to line your salad crisper with one of the bread wraps.  This beeswax lining means any fresh produce placed in there will last longer than when laid onto the bare plastic. Remember too there is a lot of discussion right now about the possibility that plastic molecules are leaching from fridge plastics onto our food, your wraps can give you satisfaction in the knowledge your produce is sitting on gorgeous organic beeswax and jojoba oil.


Simple hack to keep small items together in the fridge:

For my cherry tomatoes and blueberries, I make my essential hexagon wrap into a little bowl shape, this will harden in the fridge and maintain its shape.  Don’t worry, because your wraps have jojoba oil in, you can still take the wrap out and flatten it to use elsewhere whenever needed