Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy
Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy
Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy
Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy
Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy
Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy
Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy
Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy

Beeswax Bucket Bag Handy

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One small handy beeswax bucket bag.
Size: Height 17cm, width (on fold) 21cm, base 13X9cm. Ideal for whole or cut vegetables, fruit or bread rolls. 

These OceanBee bucket bags are great for storing items such as such as tomatoes, sugar snaps & snow peas, herbs, cut fruits and cheese.  Plus they are perfect small lunch packs . Handy too for taking on camping and sailing trips. Remember your food will last substantially longer in beeswax than compared to plastic, silicone or paper. 

How they work:
To use your OceanBee bucket, just pop your food item inside, then roll down the top to seal.  You can refrigerate if your food requires it, the organic jojoba oil will ensure the bucket remains malleable. You can also leave out at room temperature for products that don’t need refrigeration such as bread. (Depending on the climate you live in, summer in Australia may necessitate bread being refrigerated)

Our beeswax buckets are made of:
Liberty printed fabrics which are Egyptian cotton. Organic Australia beeswax, triple filtered to remove the pollen and become white which enables the amazing Liberty prints to look their best. Organic jojoba oil which ensures your buckets won't crack when folded away in your drawer. Organic pine resin gives it a slight tackiness which helps it cling onto itself and stay sealed when rolled closed.

Our bucket bags have a wide oval base for essential easy cleaning. Wash under lukewarm running water, gently run fingers across wrap to dislodge any food particles. If food is particularly stuck on, a little eco-friendly detergent and a soft cloth can be used, however, don’t use detergents often, it will shorten the life of your wrap.
Do not leave your bucket bag where it may get very warm, such as in direct sunlight. If you take your wrap to the beach, you may want to pop inside a cotton bag to protect it from sand. 

Properties of organic beeswax:
Although beeswax has a naturally pleasant aroma, this won’t transfer to your food. (Cheese is still sold to this day with wax on it, it’s a traditional way of helping keep food fresh.) Beeswax is an amazing product and has some antibacterial properties too.

Why you will love them:
OceanBee buckets are the Rolls Royce of beeswax bags! They are made with a wide base to ensure easy cleaning.  If organic, pest-free, plastic-free products for your food and for your family are important to you; and you require some beauty in your life, then these are the buckets for you.

The Liberty printed Egyptian cotton gives you superior handling when using as an alternative to cling wrap.

It has long been argued as to just how much plastic leaches into our food from plastic wrapping. By using OceanBee organic buckets you can be sure there is nothing harmful contaminating your or your family’s food. On a global scale, not only are you saving plastics getting into our environment, you are saving valuable energy by eliminating the necessity to manufacture hundreds of new plastic bags and kilometres of cling wrap, using petroleum-based products, plus electrical energy and fuel.

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