String Shopping Bags-Set of 3
String Shopping Bags-Set of 3
String Shopping Bags-Set of 3
String Shopping Bags-Set of 3

String Shopping Bags-Set of 3

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Detailed Description:
In the pack:

3 Extra-large string shopping bags
Color: Sunshine Yellow, Sky blue and Natural.
They are a super lightweight mesh weave.

How they work:
Most important, remember to take them with your shopping. These bags are super lightweight and scrunch up small, so carrying two or three in your bag or car at all times is not a problem. They just keep expanding, are so strong, give them a go, you will be amazed!

Use for supermarket shopping or going to the beach, or just about anywhere.
They are made of:
100% certified organic cotton, natural colour.

These are washable but bear in mind when using detergents that you don't use highly perfumed soaps which may contaminate your food shopping. Wash at 40 degrees or less.

No need to use those supermarket ‘degradable’ plastic bags. The reusable ‘degradable’ plastic bags available at the supermarket will degrade in a landfill, or in the ocean. Is that good, no absolutely not! The broken-up pieces of plastic could end up seeping into the water table and contaminating our waterways with invisible toxic microplastic. Even many ‘biodegradable’ bags still contain plastic, (the UN as of 2019 is currently looking to ban this term ‘biodegradable’ for bags containing any percentage of plastic. Right now however they often do have plastic in) So, unless you use ‘compostable’ bags you could well be using a bag this will cause harm to our environment. The second benefit is that you are saving valuable energy by eliminating the necessity to manufacture hundreds of new plastic bags, using petroleum-based products, plus electrical energy and fuel.

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