19 Kindi Kids and a vat of hot wax.

19 Kindi Kids and a vat of hot wax.

I was happily explaining to my friend over a cappuccino that I had been invited to show a class of kindergarten children in Sydney, how to make beeswax wraps.  It was then that I realised what I was actually taking on! 19 Kindergarten Kids and a vat of hot wax, what could possibly go wrong! 

Five hands shot up when I asked, 'Anyone know what bees make?' One little girl was bouncing on her knees, her arm trying to touch the ceiling, so excited to answer. Yes I smiled, and pointed to her. 'A buzzing noise!' she excitedly replied.  Don't you love that kids always surprise you!  

We had a hands on look at a big block of shimmering golden beeswax, and also the grated wax I use to make the wraps, pure white beeswax. This beeswax is triple filtered to remove all the pollen, so my fabric colours shine through. We looked at the beautiful golden nuggets of pine resin, and lastly looked at the jojoba oil. 

Their amazing teacher had already explained all about how bees collect pollen from flowers and how they create honeycomb by making honey and beeswax. They were amazingly well informed. Three children in the class actually had bee hives at home which is so great to hear. 

They then had a look at a beeswax wrap, had a play with it, wrapping and unwrapping an orange, and playing ball as we passed it round. Not sure who was having more fun me or them.

Next it was waxing time, we had a safety talk, and plan of how they would make the wraps.

The class was set up with the wax in the corner, out of harms way, but accessible for me waxing the wraps with each child. The children came up two at a time to wax with the cotton fabric they had carefully cut out. They were amazing, so careful, and precise with making the wraps, and being safe. 

The wraps they made were amazing! 

The best thing is they are now using them every day to bring their lunch into school. Their fabulous teacher has also made them aware of being sustainable and trying not to use single use plastics when ever possible. What an incredible next generation we are going to have. 

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