Bamboo Bento Box
Bamboo Bento Box
Bamboo Bento Box
Bamboo Bento Box

Bamboo Bento Box

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Hand made bamboo bento box. Capacity 700ml. Dimensions inside 7.5cmsX10cms. 

How they work:
These sustainable lunch boxes are incredibly light, but also very strong as they are made from bamboo. They have a removable wooden divider, so you can segregate your food items, and easily clean your box. You can put rice and pasta dishes in there too. 

Place fresh fruit such as cherries, orange segments or grapes, biscuits and nuts inside these boxes. Anything you might have previously thrown into a zip lock bag, you can put inside your beautiful bento box. They have an elastic black band to hold the lid on tight.

They are made of:
Our box is guaranteed 100% bamboo. Yes thats wood, light weight and strong, and so very sustainable, yay! Bamboo is known for its durability and strength. Our bento boxes are hand made, so there may be a very slight difference in size by only 1 or 2 mms.
(There are bamboo composite lunch boxes on the market now, they state they are 100% bamboo, but as yet they all contain at least 30% melamine, which has industrial hardeners mixed in to give strength. They cannot easily be recycled)

Even when you decide you don't want your bento any more all it can do to the environment is become compost.
Your beto box will enjoy a wash in warm water with a mild detergent after use, rinse off and dry out of direct sunlight. Don't soak your wooden box. Although your box will tolerate hot food being placed inside, do not microwave food in your bento box, or place it in the oven or freezer. Do not leave for longer that 3 hours in the fridge at a time.  Your box is made from wood, it needs a little love :)

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