Re-usable Steel Mug
Re-usable Steel Mug
Re-usable Steel Mug
Re-usable Steel Mug

Re-usable Steel Mug

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Stainless steel mug
I am: A virtually indestructible stainless-steel reusable mug. You will love your Beemug I guarantee! If not, I will give you your money back. Everyone I have sold my mug to adores it, it’s like taking a little friend out with you. You have to get used to baristas complimenting you on your beautiful mug every time you get your coffee! Our mug is double-walled and will keep your drink warmer for longer than when compared to plastic and paper take-away cups. It holds up to 400ml (12oz).

It’s super lightweight, so will easily slip into your bag when going out. It will keep coffee and hot chocolate beautifully warm with its insulation of a double layer of steel.
It also keeps cool drinks cooler for longer and has a straw notch in the slider on the lid for those sneaky cocktails on the beach. The lid has a splash-proof slider which closes, which ensures when walking or driving with your mug, you can be sure your drink will remain inside

Our beeswax wraps are made of:
We use the highest food-grade stainless steel, with a 100% recyclable plastic lid.

Wash all items in warm soapy water and rinse well inside and out, or place in the dishwasher.

Your drink will stay warmer or cooler for longer depending on your choice of beverage.Your mugs is 100% recyclable therefore you are saving hundreds of take away cups going to landfill. On a global scale, not only are you saving plastics getting into our environment, you are saving valuable energy by eliminating the necessity to manufacture hundreds more take away cups.

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